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Paint, Vinyl Dye & Adhesives
Engine Paint, Chassis Paint, Cast Iron Paint, Rally Wheel Paint, Trunk Spatter Paint, Vinyl Dye, Spray Adhesive, and Weatherstrip Adhesive SPRAY ADHESIVE: Use General (not Super) Spray Adhesive for hood insulation and (non-bow) headliner installation. TRUNK SPATTER PAINT: Spatter paint is very opaque; always prime your trunk with gray primer before coating with speckled trunk paint. Light gray primer works best for Gray & White Spatter Paint - up to 1966 (1967 Camaro). Dark gray primer works best for Black & Aqua Spatter Paint - 1967 & up (1968 & up Camaro). You will typically need 3 cans to do an entire trunk area, especially on the larger A and B body cars. Apply in light, thin coats and allow to dry between coats. We sell trunk Clear Top Coat Sealer (#16284) to protect your paint; this, however, is not stock. RALLY WHEEL PAINT: You will typically need 3 cans of Argent Silver (#3764) to complete a set of 4 wheels. 1969-70 wheels require 1 can of Insert Gray (#3765). For even coverage, apply several light coats. VINYL DYE: Vinyl dye adheres best to vinyl and cardboard products and will have the longest life on stationary parts (ie. kick panels as opposed to arm rest pads that are constantly being handled and flexed). Shop for Chevrolet paints and adhesives at Lutty’s Chevy Warehouse.