Lutty's Chevy Warehouse - Wiring

4 MAIN WIRING HARNESSES consist of: (1)FRONT LIGHT HARNESS, (2)ENGINE HARNESS, (3)DASH HARNESS, (4)REAR LIGHT HARNESS. We offer all of these in "Plug & Play" factory correct wiring. Classic Update Kits are also available; this is a cheaper, but much more "hands-on" option. They include the fuse panel, GM color-coded wires, after market switches & ends (Professional Installation recommended). Also available: Positive & Negative Battery Cables, Air Conditioning Feed Wires, Glovebox Lights, Ground Straps, Extension Wires, Brake Light Jumper Wires, Spark Plug Wires, Harnesses (Air Conditioning, Fuel tank sending Unit, Speed Warning, Dome light, Speaker, Defogger, Transmission Kickdown, Cruise Control, Clock, Console Gauge, Dash, Front light, Rear Body Back Up & Engine Harnesses) HEI = High Energy Ignition EEC = Electronic Emissions Control