Lutty's Chevy Warehouse - Lock Sets

Lock Sets
Here, you will find Door, Ignition, Trunk, Glovebox, & Console Lock Sets, as well as U Pawls, Mounting Clips, Truck Lock Shafts, Locking Gas Caps, Door Lock Knobs, Door and Trunk Lock Gaskets for your classic car restoration. FYI - Up to 1966, your Chevy truck will only have ONE locking doorknob. FYI - Originally, cars came with one key to access doors and ignition (to give to your valet driver), and the other key to access your glove box and trunk. Now, in many cases, you can order them all keyed the same. FYI - You will find that some car lock sets come with two options: 1. Original GM style keys. 2. Less expensive aftermarket style keys. FYI - Passenger (B-Body) Car Locks: Long Cylinder = Convertible & Hardtop/ Short Cylinder = Sedan