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Interior Parts
Lutty’s Chevy Warehouse offers Chevrolet interior part including:Arm Rest Bases & Pads, Cardboard Products, Carpets, Dashes & Dash Parts, Door Handles & Cranks, Floor Mats, Headliners, Interior Chrome & Trim, Knobs, Lens, Levers, Seat Belts, Seat Covers, Seat Parts, Steering Wheels, Side Panels, & Sound Deadeners *VINYL COLORS are available in stock, original colors. Additional colored vinyl can be special ordered for an up-charge. *SHADES vary on colored interiors, especially teals & reds. Cardboard products are typically lighter than vinyl materials, and carpet is usually a darker shade. *The "A" PILLARS are the roof support structure on either side of a vehicle's windshield. The "B" Pillars are additional pillars located between the front and rear doors on a typical sedan. The "C" Pillar is in either side of the rear window, where the sail panels are located on most vehicles. *Our SAIL PANELS can be purchased separately, but are included with most headliners. *HEADLINERS, SAIL PANELS & SUNVISIORS: Check your "pattern" when ordering, so that your sunvisors match your headliner. Many times several pattern choices are "correct". RIBBED (straight lines), BASKET WEAVE, PERFORATED (snake bite holes), SURREY (small waves with dots), and the less-common REGENT (honeycombs) are among the pattern options). *When purchasing SUNVISORS, don't forget your grommets & sleeves (part #3352). *Cloth and vinyl WINDLACE is sold by the yard (3 feet). Measure how much you need to order.