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~ The Rear Seat to Trunk Board divides the rear seat from the trunk. The Rear Seat to trunk Board Insulation is a juke padding meant to keep it from rattling! ~ The Rear Package Tray lays behind the rear seat; it is the cardboard piece seen when you look through the rear window. The Rear Package Tray Insulation is a juke padding meant to keep the Package Tray from rattling. ~ Kick Panels are located in front of the side doors, between the cowl area, and dash ~ Door Panel Boards are an alternative, when you want to install a n0n-stock material on your door panels. ~ Glovebox Liners define the storage area inside your glove box. ~ Sail Panels are the (interior) rear quarter material from the side panel/rear seat area to the roof. The material typically matches your headliner. Sail panels are sold with most headliners, but can be purchased separately, as well.